Servicing your suspension within the 30 hour service limit will keep your suspension working at a consistent optimum level and keep them from creating excessive wear on the vital components such as shock bodies, shock shafts, dampening rods and cartridges.

Fork Rebuild- includes disassembly, complete cleaning, de-burring, polishing, inspect, measure service limits of parts/springs, bleed with new hi grade suspension fluid and set oil levels/air pressures:
$140 plus parts and fluid

Shock Rebuild- includes disassembly, complete cleaning, de-burring and polishing, inspect, measure service limits of parts, bleed with new hi grade shock fluid and set nitrogen pressures:
$110 plus parts and fluid

Parts List

Fork Fluid

125cc and bigger bikes (41mm-52mm Forks)

1.5 quarts @ 17.95 per qt = $26.95

50cc-150cc (32mm-38mm Forks)

1qt @ $17.95

Shock fluid and Nitrogen (up to 1qt shocks)


Service List

Wear parts not included in service price (wear parts vary from job to job and will not be assessed until disassembly and inspection) most common wear parts consist of seals, bushings and occasionally o-rings and springs.

Suspension Parts

All KYB/Showa oil Seals, Bushings: $12.00ea

Shock Springs: $120 ea

Fork Springs: $120 set

Pressure Springs: $35.00


We test all other competitions products and evaluate what works and what doesn’t, and then we utilize those components that work the best into our program.

When we Custom tailor your Suspension to you or your rider, we take the time to ask the right questions in order to evaluate exactly what type of rider you are from your ability and style, to the type of riding and terrain it will be used on and at what level. Then we create a setup for you based on our rigorous testing, specifically designed around you, your bike, your weight, your riding ability, and the type of riding it will be used for, then give you the best options that will fit your budget.

All Revalves include a Rebuild!!!

Parts List

Fork Revalve: $240 plus part and Fluid

Shock Revalve: $210 plus parts and Fluid

Suspension Lowering Add: $40 ea end

Added to either a Rebuild or Revalve (Not recommended for competition or aggressive riding)


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