Did you pay good money from a reputable suspension company to get your suspension done and it still doesn’t work to your liking? The fact is, it is probably descent suspension, it just needs to be set up properly and tuned for you. Without doing so you will never know how good it is and possibly ending up going from company to company and never being happy because it was never tuned for you. We have a solution, doesn’t matter who does your suspension, if you can’t get them to tune it, we will!!!


$60 hr/4 hour minimum for these recommended tracks Fox Raceway, Glen Helen, Cahuilla or private track after rainy day.

One free session included with each complete Revalve Service. (in conjunction with a current tuning day)


Group (4 or more Riders) Trackside Bike Set up,Tuning …………………………$40/hr each/4 hour minimum. This is great for families, teams or trainers with groups.